Food Substitutions

Reduce inflamation to reduce health risks

Dr. David Leopold (2005) lists a few  health risks that are linked to inflammation: musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease. colon cancer, and many autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, inflammarot bowel disease, lupus, etc.).

The Standard American Diet (appropriately abbreviated to SAD), which has spread to UK and other countries, is composed of foods that promote inflammatino in the body. These foods include processed sugars and flours, trans fatty acids (partially hydrogenated oils), nicotine, caffeine, red meat, and alcohol. Avoiding these foods will help reduce inflamation.

Some foods will actively reduce inflamation. These foods includes, fruits and vegetables (preferably raw), and whole grains. Get your protein from beans, lentils, fish, and poultry. Foods that are high in antioxidants help reduce free radical damage: berries, tomatoesm carrots, and peppers (colourful produce). Essential Fatty Acids found in flaxseed oil, cod liver oil for 3-6-9 Omega.

Removing Empty Foods

This list is arranged to make progressive changes. The percentage next to each category is the amount of mean nutritional goodness in the food category (Not every variant has been tested, therefore percentage are approximate). Remove the following foods from your diet:

1. Substitute “Diet” Carbonated Soft Drinks (-9.00%) with Soft Drinks sweetened using natural sugars, or better still, with fresh juice. There may be almost zero calories per serving, however the mix of carbonation and carcinogens from artificial sweeteners is detrimental to your teeth and insides. Furthermore artificial sweeteners trigger fat-producing insulin production in the same way that sugar does.
2. Substitute sauces for natural vegetable ingredients.
  1. Table Sauce (-23.53%)
  2. Cooking Sauce (-28.57%)
3. Substitute Sticky Sweets with non-sticky sweets / baked crisps / dark chocolate:
  1. Hard Sticky Sweets (1.47%)
  2. Soft Sticky Sweets (1.58%)
4. Substitute Preserves with Wilkin & Son's Tiptree Tawny Orange Thick Cut Marmalade. It has 47g fruit/67g sugar, which is the highest ratio of whole fruit in any preserve:
  1. Jam Preserve (1.13%)
  2. Conserve Preserve (1.67%)
  3. Curd Preserve (1.78%)
5. Substitute Fried Crisps with Baked Crisps, although the only difference is less oil residue from the processing:
  1. Fried Potato Crisps (1.33%)
  2. Fried Maize Crisps (2.23%)
6. Substitute Coated Dried Fruit (2.84%), including Yoghurt Coated varieties, with real fruit.
7. Substitute Regular Carbonated Soft Drinks (-0.27%) with Naturally Sweetened Carbonated Soft Drink varieties.
8. Substitute White Chocolate (3%) with 70%+ Dark Chocolate. White Chocolate is essentially composed of dairy fat. Dark Chocolate with 70%+ cocoa solids contain anti-oxidants in addition to Flavanols as the main type of Flavonoids found in cocoa.
9. Substitute Scones with Wholemeal Bread products.
  1. Fruit Rock Buns (3.23%)
  2. Fruit Scones (4.00%)
10. Substitute Ready Soup and Noodles in a cup with fresh/shelf pasta and soups.
  1. Cuppa Soup (-9.54%)
  2. Ready Noodles (3.73%)
11. Substitute Frozen Dessert with Fresh Fruit Dessert and/or water.
  1. Sorbet (2.93%)
  2. Dairy Ice Cream (3.88%)
12. Substitute Baked Crisps: with Puffed Rice / Popped Corn.
  1. Baked Maize Crisps (1.34%)
  2. Baked Potato Crisps (3.96%)
13. “Natural non-sugar Sweetened” Carbonated Soft Drink (0.00%) [Substitute with any fruit juice] ADI is 4mg/kg/day of Steviol; which does mean that each company uses a Stevia Extract to suit produce the sweetness-taste that they desire, which makes it difficult to know how much you are consuming.
14. Substitute Milk Chocolate (4.1%) with 70+% Dark Chocolate.

Alphabetical listing of ingredients and foods

Market: Combined

Pain au chocolat
Current Food Substitution Reasoning
Maize BreadMalt Loaf Bread...
Malt Loaf BreadWholegrain wheat bread...
White Wheat BreadWholegrain wheat bread...
Bakery Mini DoughnutsFresh Cream DoughnutsThese are typically deep fried, hence carrying more than half the RDA of saturated and trans fat per 100g
Bakery Fresh Cream DoughnutsBakery Plain SconesThe standard recipe calls for more than 20% of the RDA of salt per 100g.
Bakery Plain SconesBakery BiscuitsReduced salt content
Bakery BiscuitsBakery Breakfast/digestive Biscuits
Bakery Breakfast/digestive BiscuitsBakery Tea Rusks
Bakery Tea RusksBakery Oat BiscuitsReduced wheat gluten
Bakery Oat BiscuitsBakery Sugar Ring Doughnuts filled/unfilledHalf the salt content
Bakery Sugar Ring DoughnutsBakery Cookies - White ChocolateReduced salt content, however higher fat and sugar content
Bakery Cookies - White ChocolateBakery Cookies - Milk ChocolateThe basis of white chocolate is cocoa butter, which is the fat-only portion of cocoa beans
Bakery Cookies - Milk ChocolateBakery Cookies - Double ChocolateHalf the salt content, slight reduction in saturated fat at the expense of slightly higher sugar content.
Bakery CookiesBakery Plain Cakes...
Bakery CakesBakery MuffinsSmaller sizes aids portion control, which are usually filled with fruit, nuts, and seeds
Bakery MuffinsBreakfast BrowniesReduced wheat gluten
Bakery BrowniesAll-butter Mince PiesReduced baking dough to make space for minced fruit, which occupies approximately 50%, Reduced salt due to naturally occurring sugars and flavonoids in the fruit
Bakery All-butter Mince PiesBakery TartsOpen tarts can have more fruit filling marginally reducing the salt, sugar and saturated fat content due to the fruits used
Bakery TartsBakery Cookies - Oat and RaisinMarginally increased protein and fibre content, due to added oats, whilst slightly reducing sugar and fat
Bakery Cookies - Oat and RaisinBakery FlapjacksZero-wheat content increases protein and fibre while reducing salt and sugar; Essential ingredients: oats, butter, brown sugar, and golden syrup.
Bakery Flapjacks (oat bar)Bakery Granola SlicesZero-wheat content increases protein and fibre due to added seeds and dried fruit; Essential ingredients: oats, butter, brown sugar, and no golden syrup.
Bakery Granola SlicesCoconut MacaroonsGluten-free by definition, less milling-based processing due to absence of grains, recipe can be simplified for home preparation
Carbonated Diet DrinksCarbonated Natural Sugar DrinksArtificial sweeteners trigger insulin production, leading to fat production.
Carbonated Diet Energy DrinksCarbonated Natural Sugar Energy DrinksArtificial sweeteners trigger insulin production, leading to fat production.
Carbonated Energy DrinksFruit Juice from ConcentrateElimating the carbonated water improves health, especially erosion of tooth enamel.
Carbonated Natural Sugar DrinksCarbonated Stevia DrinksElimating the carbonated water improves health, especially erosion of tooth enamel.
Carbonated Stevia DrinksFruit Juice from Concentrate...
Chocolate - WhiteMilk Chocolate...
Chocolate - MilkDark Chocolate...
Chocolate - DarkOver 70% Dark Chocolate...
Coated Dried FruitDried Fruit...
Cuppa SoupSoup sachets/powder...
Fried Potato CrispsFried Maize Crisps...
Fried Maize CrispsBaked Maize/Wheat Crisps...
Baked Maize/Wheat CrispsBaked Potato Crisps...
Ready Cuppa NoodlesDried slow-boil Noodles...
Dessert TiramisuCrème brûlée...
Dessert Crème brûléePanna cotta...
Dessert Panna cottaIce Cream...
Dessert Ice CreamJello Jam Custard Trifle...
Pastry PuffedPastry sticks...
Pastry Pain au ChocolatCroissant...
Pastry CroissantCurry Filled Pies...
Pastry Filled PiesBread Sandwiches...
Pastry SticksCoconut Macaroons...
Jam PreservesConserve PreservesReduced sugar
Conserve PreservesCurd PreservesReduced sugar
Curd PreservesMarmaladeReduced sugar
SorbetDairy Ice Cream...
Soft Sticky SweetsHard Sticky Sweets...
Alphabetical list of Food Substitutions as sustainable micro-improvements


Leopold, David (Dr.), 2005. The Pain Practitioner. [printed] Magazine unknown. Accessed Septermber 2007.